The SOLID INFINITY SYSTEM® uses only the highest-quality durable and environmentally sustainable materials. All materials go through rigorous testing before specification for any of our products.

The SOLID INFINITY SYSTEM is made from an extruded polymer sheet demonstrating Linear Elastic Strength. It is light-weight, thermal, acoustic, waterproof, UV stable, non-hazardous during the manufacturing process, non-toxic, self-extinguishing, recyclable and benign when installed. Patented brackets and fixtures are made from 316 Stainless Steel and have a guaranteed weight sheer capacity.

The environment is of key concern to the team at SOLID INFINITY, after all we wouldn't be designing and building products for sports science experts and athletes without Mother Nature giving us the platform for these activities to be performed. SOLID is consistently thinking toward the future and hence utilises initiatives such as recycling and environmentally friendly materials wherever and whenever possible.