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Free shipping on Australian east coast orders over $160!


​SOLID RACKS© is a global leader of architectural and functional wall solutions that empower the end user by providing freedom​ ​​and flexibility to efficiently and ​rapidly ​organize ​and ​interchange any space within minutes. ​O​ur patented technology is idea​l​ for various ​including Health Care​,​ ​Gym​,​ ​Building​,​ ​Storage and ​G​reenfr​astructure.​
All SOLID RACKS products are ​​100% invented​, ​design​, ​develop​ed​, ​manufactured and​ distributed in Australia buy a ​​100% Australian family ​owned ​and operated company​.​

home_product_image_2 HEALTH CARE

Prehab, Rehab and Physio / Hospital and Aged Care / Healthy Work Spaces-WHS / Mobile Health Vehicles / Transportable Clinics / Hospital Bed Heads / Home Care Kits

home_product_image_1 GYM

Gyms and Fitness Centres / Schools / Home and Garage / Sports Clubs / Office Fitness Systems

home_product_image_3 BUILDING

Cabinets and Furniture / Container and Pod Fitout / Fireplaces & Flatscreens / Exhibition & Display / Ceiling and Linear Systems / Research and Development

home_product_image_4 STORAGE

Mancaves / Sports Equipment / Retails Solutions / Health and Fitness

home_product_image_5 GREENFRASTRUCTURE

Home and Office / Exterior Applications / Green Star Solutions / Architectural Systems / Health Benefits

Mancave (03) SURF & SPORTS RACKS

Surf and Sports Racks / INFINITY Post Support System / Retail and Mobile Racks / INFINITY Surf and Sport Panels

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