Vital Areas of Movement To Assist Workplace Health



You don’t need to be super fit to do this, however simply stretching and moving a few times a day at work can prolong your life and improve your well-being.

Stretching should be done on a daily basis, it keeps your muscles healthy and flexible. Most people stretch before exercising, yet simply stretching at work for 5 minutes every hour can reduce your risk of all-cause mortality. Use your desk, chair or the walls in your office!

Sitting all day is terrible for your hamstrings which in the long-term can make it hard to straighten out your legs and knees. If you can’t move your legs properly you can end up with joint pain and muscle damage. If you haven’t stretched and suddenly start a strenuous activity when your muscles are tight, your joints won’t be able to hold the muscle, which may cause you injury.

Stretching can be done at home, in your pajamas in the lounge room first thing in the morning or in front of the TV after a long day at work, super easy to fit into our busy schedules.