The Future of Fitness and Physiotherapy

Future Of Physio


A real problem we all face today is how to make the most of our space at home and work to exercise and stay fit and healthy. 

The SOLID INFINITY SYSTEM will not only give you your space back it will allow you, your family, colleagues or clients to create and customise any exercise or rehabilitation regime within seconds!

Simply apply an INFINITY panel to any exiting wall or structural column then clip, drop and lock your equipment into position, and away you go!

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The SOLID INFINITY SYSTEM dramatically improves the speed at which equipment is installed or re-configured onsite:

• Removable, Relocatable and Interchangeable within seconds

• Frees up valuable floor space, and increases the capacity of existing facilities

• Waterproof, acoustic, self‑extinguishing, insulative, light-weight and strong

• Replace, add or rotate equipment without any new wall penetration

• Accommodates children through to adults and the elderly of all fitness levels

• Provides ‘Universal Access’ for wheelchairs and empowers the disabled

• Reduces metal on metal noise by more than 50%

• Limits damage done to floors and allows for easy floor cleaning and sterilization

• The larger the installation, the greater the pecuniary savings and increased revenue

• Can reduce insurance premiums and equipment damage

• Will accommodate your own proprietary equipment

• Transforms walls, ceilings and structural columns into functional areas

• Each bracket has been load tested beyond 300 kg

• Alleviates the need for fixed anchor points

• Aesthetic, robust, durable and simple to use

• 100% Australian owned and made

• Used by Virgin Active Health Clubs

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