INFINITY Post Support System

Sport & Leisure Storage Posts

SOLID INFINITY SYSTEM Support Posts are engineered to hold massive weights and are available in 1.2 metre or 2.4 metre vertical lengths.

SIS Support Posts are designed  to suit the lowest garage ceiling, cleverly configured to increase in 1.2 meter intervals and are designed to be used in conjunction with SIS Arms.

SIS Support Posts are also manufactured in waterproof polymer, ideal for outdoor installation.

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SOLID INFINITY SYSTEM Surf & Sport Arms are specifically designed and engineered to safely support a myriad of equipment.  This personal storage solution is only limited
by your imagination and are designed to fit SIS Support Posts and and SIS Panels.

SIS Arms are available in various models and lengths and have been designed to suit a multiplicity of uses. 

Protect and safely house those heavy, cumbersome surf‑skis, kayaks, windsurfers, kite-boards, paddle boards,  malibus or longboards, fishing canoes and much more.

SOLID RACKS products empower the end user by providing freedom and flexibility to efficiently and rapidly organise and interchange your equipment within seconds.