As your equipment or requirements change or grow, so does the SOLID INFINITY SYSTEM allowing complete customisation that is STRONG, instantaneous and effortless, allowing YOU to become the designer and engineer of your own space.

The capabilities of the SOLID INFINITY SYSTEM are only restricted by your imagination. Adjust it,  re-configure it, add to it, YOU have the power!


The SOLID INFINITY SYSTEM can be used to incorporate cabinets, shelves or custom made products for a tailored solution that can be adapted or changed easily and effortlessly.


SIS’s infinite options allow you to effortlessly transform any unused wall space into a fully equipped professional gym, storage or functional multi-purpose area, negating the need for fixed, cumbersome equipment or fixtures which take up all your valuable floor space. The SOLID INFINITY SYSTEM is interchangeable and adjustable allowing you to ‘clip and lock’ equipment onto your wall within seconds!

"If you are looking for beautiful, durable, modern equipment that will function and grow with your needs then the SOLID INFINITY SYSTEM is the solution for you".