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Celebrating Halloween can be healthy. There’s so much more to Halloween than lollies… This week, the team at SOLID RACKS SOLUTIONS share some tips for parents to put together some GHOOLISHLY GOOD Halloween treats that will TRICK kids into TREATING on nutritious snacks and exercise!

Here are our 5 Top TRICKS for a HOWLING Halloween gathering…

1.     Spooky Street Party
Go for a walk with the kids and do a letter box drop, inviting your friends and neighbours to a Halloween Street party. Get all the children together for a craft afternoon to make the invitations.

2.     Monster Face Painting
Draw some simple spooky face pictures and pin them up for children to choose from. Gather together some parents and teenagers to paint the designs with child friendly, non-allergenic Face Paint.

3.     Halloween Fancy Dress Parade
Organise a Halloween costume parade. Put down some hallway runners and 2 x Pumpkin Head Candles on either side at the end of the runway. Get all the children to hide behind a large tree and start the parade with “Monster Mash” music… stop and pose between the Pumpkins for a fabulous photo!

4.     Creepiest Cup Cake
Tell everyone to bring a “Creepy Cup Cake” and hold a creepy cup cake and spoon race. Get all the children lined up with a cup-cake on the end of a spoon, first one to the Cob-Web-line…. is the winner. You can hold these races in age groups and even have a PARENTS creepy Cup Cake Race!

5.     Pumpkin Piñata
Have a craft party and create a Paper Mache Pumpkin. Cover the ground underneath your Pinata with a clean sheet (to gather and protect your goodies from the ground) then fill your pumpkin with loads of dried fruits, seeds, nuts and cacao buttons. Hang your Pinata from a tree, blindfold each child and allow them 3 hits each with a Witches broom.

Celebrating Halloween healthfully isn’t about giving up all the treats. It’s about bringing them into balance, especially since kids often have multiple celebrations: at school, at friends’ houses, at after care, and in the community. Encourage healthy eating but don’t battle over it. Instead, try to work something out, like allowing your children to eat some of their treats on Halloween night and save treats to eat over the next days after a healthy meal or piece of fruit so that any sweets are a desert, not dinner. Dispose of or put the rest out of sight.

*Get out in the fresh air, dress up, have fun with friends and family, play games, and do craft.
*Don’t get tricked and end up sick from junk food and lollies when you can BOOgy down, for a Happy, Healthier, Howling, Halloween celebration that will keep the kids spellbound!

Happy Halloween from the SOLID RACKS SOLUTIONS TEAM 😀

Healthier Trick-or-Treating Giveaways:
For younger kids, try small toys like:
• Temporary tattoos or stickers
• Small plastic spiders, ghosts, or skeletons
• Super bouncy balls
• Halloween-themed pencils, erasers, or pencil toppers
• Spooky plastic rings or false teeth
• Bracelets or hair accessories

Healthier Food Options:
• Individual packages of raisins or other dried fruits
• Kale chips
• 100% fruit pieces
• A fresh apple
• 100% juice cartons
• Small water bottles

Halloween Child Safety:

*Take & Use – Hand Sanitiser, Dispoable Gloves & Face Masks – be vigillant and help children learn how to “STOP” the COVID Virus!

Make sure all children hold hands with an adult when crossing any Streets or Roads – Little Blue Dinosaur Foundation
Accessorise glow-in-the-dark necklaces and bracelets with reflective tape for vehicular visibility.
Make sure children travel in groups with an adult.
Give children battery powered torches for added visibility.
Check collected items before allowing children to eat them.