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The SOLID INFINITY GYM SYSTEM is rapidly taking the health & fitness industry by storm and is currently working with some of the biggest GYM Companies in the world. It is also being used and specified in Hospitals and Physiotherapists rooms for rehabilitation and sports specific medical recovery therapy.

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The SIS Gym System’s debut was in August 2013 at Saint Augustine’s College in Brookvale, Sydney where it was initially specified and now, thoroughly tested by hundreds of male students on a daily basis ranging between 10 – 18 years of age, plus staff & teachers! The SIG System was initially used and enjoyed by around 30% of Saint Augustine’s students, however it has now grown to about 70% of the students preferring the SIS Gym System over traditional fixed weights & machines.

  • St Augustine’s College has just become the first AUSTRALIAN school to be fully accredited by "Fitness Australia" which is a major benefit to the SOLID INFINITY GYM sales proposition

Testimonials  (click)

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Trevor and Nikki Drake for over twelve years and have seen the development of their SOLID INFINITY GYM SYSTEM.

We are using their latest SOLID INFINITY GYM 'wall' in our updated gymnasium that serves over 1200 students at St Augustine's College.

We find it complements our state-of-the-art weights facilities and allows us extra flexibility and delivery for the students, no matter their age.

We would welcome an inspection of our facilities to demonstrate how we use SOLID INFINITY GYM, as we find it a wonderful addition to our equipment."

Tim Cleary - Principal - St. Augustines College, Sydney AUSTRALIA 


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