Steady Rack

Product Code: : IA-59W-1

The SOLID INFINITY SYSTEM adaption to the Steadyrack allows you to drop and lock your Bike Rack to virtually anywhere on your wall.  It will swivel almost 180 degrees from side to side hence minimising space without compromising safety and there is no heavy lifting required.


By using the SIS to store your bikes they will be stored far more efficiently than if you were to use the Steady rack alone which would only allow them to attach to the
studs on the wall, which most likely would not be spaced out the way the you want to store your bikes and further, if you ever decided to change the position of the racks it would
not be possible as they would be permanently fixed.

By having them adapted to work on our system you can freely move the bike racks around as you please.

They would also be much stronger as the weight is dispersed across the entire panel as opposed to directly on the wall, which in time could damage your wall.



  • The backing plate made from our high grade polymer, cut and hand sanded from a whole sheet (2 per Steady Rack).
  • In total there are (3 brackets per Steady Rack) which are specially made from 316 stainless steel to work in conjunction with the Infinity System.

Dimensions: 630mm H x 130mm W x 570mm D (out from wall)
Material: 25mm Waterproof Polymer



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