Surf Craft Ceiling Rack

Product Code: : SR-904W

The SOLID Surf Craft Ceiling Rack is a simple, SOLID and safe storage solution for those big cumbersome items that clutter your backyard and garage.

This rack is Big Brother to the revolutionary SOLID Surf & Snow Ceiling Rack and will hold either one large surf craft (eg: kayak, surf-ski), or 2 large boards (mals, paddle boards), or up to 4 long boards with detachable fins (or any combination not exceeding the 50kg load limit).

SOLID ceiling racks are easy to install and the removable and adjustable foam dowels ROLL to create effortless loading of all your heavy surf craft. They can also be installed under your house if you have the clearance.

This rack is made with aluminium frames and a robust, waterproof polymer that means you can use it in nearly any conditions.

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Internal measurements - 1800mm L x 900mm W x 385mm D; 385mm internal depth for single load; 170mm internal depth for double loading
External measurements - 1850mm L x 950mm W x 500mm D.

Material: Aluminium Frame, Waterproof Polymer, Foam Covered Timber Dowels


For installation, click videos or view the Installation Guide


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