Board & Paddle Arm Set: 4x Paddles


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Patent Pending - SOLID INFINITY SYSTEM Manual

The SOLID INFINITY Board & Paddle Arm Set™ will hold 1 SUP, Mal, Shortboard or Water Craft, hull facing upwards, and 4 paddles, fishing rods, ski stocks etc. underneath.

This arm is ideal if for getting all of those valuable paddles and fishing rods out of the corner and off the ground to stored quick, easily and safely.

The SOLID INFINITY Board & Paddle Arm Set™ is 2 x 750mm straight arms with 4 added loops to hold your equipment.


Dimensions: 250mm H x 750mm D (out from wall)
Material: 25mm Waterproof Polymer
Brackets Required: 2

Please note: When buying arms for SOLID INFINITY Slot Wall Sheets you will need SOLID INFINITY Slot Wall Brackets (1 per arm) - these will be automatically added to your cart when purchasing. 

When buying arms for Support Posts you do not need to purchase SOLID INFINITY Slot Wall Brackets. The arms can be removed from the cart.


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