SOLID Five Panel Package

Gone are the days of needing space occupying machines and equipment such as squat racks, dip stations and plate loaded cable machines.
This Pack has the works. We've added in the SOLID Weightlifting Rack complete with bumper plate storage, a 180 PSI barbell and a state of the art ZIVA adjustable bench.
Along with this there is a Dumbbell Storage Rack complete with 3 sets of ZIVA Dumbbells.
A set up such as this will benefit you by not only creating several otherwise non-existent training zones but also allowing endless storage and weight stacking capabilities which enables you to get maximum utilization from a limited space.

This practical, ergonomic and comprehensive package has everything you need to set up a professional gym

What you get:


1 x Backing Sheet

1 x Huons Box

2 x Physio anchor points

2 X Resistance Bands

1 x Heavy Duty Anchor point

1 x set Crank It Suspension Straps

1 x Crank It Academy Suspended Fitness Course

1 X SOLID Phone & Table Holder

1 x SOLID Chin Up and Dip pro

x SOLID Storage Shelf Large (polished Plywood)

1 x Set of 5 varying weight ZIVA Steel Handled Competition Kettlebells (8, 12, 16, 20 and 24kg)

1 x Dumbbell Rack

1 x Set of ZIVA Dumbbells (6, 10 and 20kg)

1 x Medicine Ball Rack

1 x Set of 3 ZIVA Medicine balls (3, 6 and 10kg)

1 x Weightlifting Rack 

1 x ZIVA ST Adjustable Bench

1 x  2.2m 180K PSI Olympic Barbell

1 x SOLID 3 level Vertical Plate Rack

1 x Set of ZIVA Bumper Plates (5, 10, and 20kg you get 2 individual of each plate)



Dimensions: 6000mm wide by 2400mm high.


*The SOLID Chin up pro Single Hook is a cheaper option available

*We can provide shelving in White melamine to reduce costs proprietary

*If you are interested in different styles or weights of proprietry equipment please let us know. We can also source flooring if needed CLICK HERE to get in touch.

CLICK HERE to view a list of the other exercise attachments available. 


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