SIS Gym Wall Panels

Product Code: : ISH-03PW

This ingenious SOLID storage solution allows you to hang anything, anywhere, anytime! You can adjust it, re-configure it and add to it….. The SOLID INFINITY SYSTEM will do everything… install it once and use it forever!

The SOLID INFINITY SYSTEM™ allows YOU to become the designer and engineer of your own individual custom GYM system. SOLID INFINITY SYSTEM GYM wall panels can be custom made to size or cut on site by your qualified trades-person.

SIS Gym Wall Panels are made from light weight waterproof polymer and are easily installed. SOLID INFINITY SYSTEM Gym Wall Panels™ are are Patent Pending and designed to be used in conjunction with all SOLID INFINITY SYSTEM products and accessories.

To view our range of SURF & SPORT Storage Systems that hold kayaks, canoes, paddle boards, surfboards, wave skis, snow skis, fishing rods, push-bikes, wet suits and more.......

*We use Lifeline products in conjunction with our SIS Gym however, other brands of straps & cables can be used or adapted by us. For large projects or custom integration of proprietary items onto our AWARD Winning, Patent Pending SOLID INFINITY SYSTEM GYM™ contact us 


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