Prehab, Rehab & Physio

Prehabilitation, Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy

The Patented SOLID INFINITY SYSTEM is a WORLD FIRST Functional Training, Prehab and Rehabilitation solution.

SIS is perfect for Physiotherapists and patients undergoing injury rehabilitation. Solid Racks has been engaged to partner with a range of organisations across Australia and abroad with our innovative exercise solution in a range of industries.

Most recently in 2016, Solid Racks assisted the European Tour Performance Institute -Physiotherapy Unit The Physiotherapy Unit is a mobile unit that enables state of the art fully equipped treatment and workout facility to travel across Europe and provide the highest standard of facilities to the world’s best golfers.


We are able   to move faster between exercises and can quickly adjust resistance. The wall provides a very multifunctional workout area in a limited amount of space. It enables us to use an area very efficiently and do exercises that would normally require more cumbersome, space occupying equipment.

Teira Jansen | AUSHEALTH Physiotherapy


EastWest Physiotherapy is all about quality and results, the installation of the SOLID INFINITY SYSTEM has far exceeded our expectations. We replaced one Smith machine for four new exercise stations (Squat Rack, TRX Olympic Rings, Tricep Dips, Bench Press). I’d recommend this system to all trainers and physios looking for excellence. My staff and clients all love it.

Gavin Johnston | East West Physiotherapy


European Tour Performance Institute Physiotherapy Unit

The European Tour Physiotherapy Unit was set up in 1992 in response to the growth of the game of golf and to meet the health and fitness requirements of professional golfers on Tour. Over the last 20 years the service has grown and developed to provide a world class, comprehensive service to enable Tour golfers to compete and perform at the highest level week in week out.



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