We manufacture the all our products to a principle of excellence; not a price. That’s why it is taking the health & fitness industry by storm. SIG engineers and manufactures these items in Australia – from our family business location in Sydney. That means your SOLID Chin-Up Pro, Bench Press or H-Box is designed by Certified SIG Engineers, prototyped, tested and manufactured to be the best. You’ll get superior performance, seamless expansion and legendary durability. That’s why SOLID INFINITY GYM is fast becoming the choice of Australia’s best athletes, trainers, gyms, hospitals, physio’s & rehab specialists.

The SOLID INFINITY GYM requires high-quality durable materials. That’s why we only use the best! All of our materials go through rigorous testing before being used for any of our products. We also take special care in using environmentally friendly materials.

The SOLID INFINITY GYM SYSTEM represents a pinnacle of performance. It boasts exceptional durability & ease of use, ready to be an essential part of any home or gym by providing you with the ability to create a healthier, more active lifestyle in minutes.

By only using the highest quality materials, coupled with expert trainers and designers we are able to provide you with the latest & greatest in training systems.