Man Cave Heaven


If Archangel Raphael, the patron of young people, travels, and healing, owned a man-cave,
we are convinced it would look something like this…

Man Caves, as we know them, are places of reminiscing and pride, where trophies and lifestyle “play equipment” is on display and informal gatherings are a plenty. They are spaces that are usually claimed by men who want to create their own slice of solitude and indulgence.

Our SOLID Racks showroom in Brookvale has been referred to as “Man Cave Heaven” more times than we can count. Everything from surfboards to bikes, TV’s to tablets and boxing-bags to weight-lifting racks, can all be applied to the same wall, effortlessly and quickly.

The patented SOLID INFINITY System is designed and manufactured in Australia. It can can be customised to suit any space or application, but best of all it frees up all that valuable floor space which every cave needs for those deep and meaningful get-togethers we blokes like to have.

This heavenly Man Cave is a must-have for mere mortals who value their worldly possessions. We’ll let you know when Raphael places his order.