INFINITY Surf & Sport Panels


Protect and safely house those heavy, cumbersome surf‑skis, kayaks, windsurfers, kite-boards, paddle boards, malibu or longboards, fishing canoes and much more. This WORLD 1st Australian innovation will also suspend vanity units, flat screens, furniture, filing cabinets, shelving, cabinets and garden tools etc.

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Mancave (53)

Composition & Durability

The SOLID INFINITY SYSTEM is made from extruded polymer demonstrating Linear Elastic Strength. It is light-weight, thermal, acoustic, waterproof, UV stable, non-hazardous during the manufacturing process, non toxic, self extinguishing, recyclable and benign when installed. Patented brackets and fixtures are made from 316 Stainless Steel.

"SIS empowers the end user by providing freedom and flexibility to efficiently and rapidly organise and interchange your equipment within seconds".