Companies need to focus on increasing physical activity levels in the workplace by reducing sitting time to realise the significant benefits in individuals. This doesn’t mean you have to work up a sweat, it’s simply a matter of light-intensity activity for 2 minutes every hour.

Here are some simple examples to implement exercise into your work regime:

o    Active Meetings

Take informal meetings outside and, where possible make it a walking meeting.

o    Active Deskwork

Set hourly reminders in your calendar to take a break. Link your reminder to a different exercise or video.

o    Active Commute

Stand up on the train or get off the bus a stop early and walk the rest of the way. Ride your bike and leave your car at home.

o    Active Lunch

Don’t spend your lunch break at your desk. Go for a walk with a colleague before or after you eat.

o    Active Teams

Set a weekly team-time or activity for all staff to participate in.

Next week we will be demonstrating specific office exercises and equipment that will increase your health and productivity, lower your risk of heart disease and diabetes and make the work place a fun space to work-out!