Hospital & Aged Care

The SOLID INFINITY SYSTEM is used in Health Sectors and Aged Care Facilities.

We have significant experience supporting our clients in the Health Services industry and have successfully helped our clients respond to the changing needs in healthcare.

SIS provides infinite options allowing the following;


·         Transforms any wall, ceiling or structural column into functional exercise and storage areas

·         Provides a return on investment from previously under-utilised areas

·         Allows organisations to free up valuable floor space

·         Is a future proof solution that removes risk objects from floors

The SOLID INFINITY SYSTEM solution was installed in 2015 as an outfit of the rehabilitation unit at Manly Waters Private Hospital in Sydney to support inpatients and outpatients creating space, versatility, durability and quality rehabilitation services.

“We are a busy rehabilitation hospital with a high volume of both inpatients and outpatients. Our aim is to provide a quality programme for a diverse case mix. Our patients have often had major surgery, debilitating injury or illness."


When outfitting our new rehab/gym we were faced with the issue of managing multiple patients within our area’s space constraints. We were also looking for something sleek and aesthetically appealing. The SOLID INFINITY SYSTEM REHAB/GYM was the perfect solution. Every step from the design team through to the final installation was flawless. I was impressed by the staff’s knowledge, passion and efficiency.

"The SOLID INFINITY SYSTEM has created the space, versatility and durability needed to provide quality rehabilitation. This is the best solution on market.”

Kerri Clare, RN, CRRN
Clinical Services Manager,
Macquarie Hospital Services Pty Ltd
Manly Waters Private Hospital




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