Healthy Work Spaces – WHS

Workplace Health & Safety

Business owners have responsibilities regarding health and safety in the workplace.

Tailored sedentary behaviour reduction programs and intervention strategies such as one SOLID INFINITY SYSTEM wall panel per workspace will immediately address WHS requirements and subsequently increase productivity, reduce sick days and lower insurance premiums.

One SOLID INFINITY SYSTEM panel and accessories fitted in a workspace; 


·         Reduces rehabilitative sick days and time away from work

·        Increases focus and productivity in the workspace

·        Allows staff pre and postoperatively to return to work earlier 

·        Provides mobilized care to staff where they’re most likely to be benefit from its use 

·        Creates a healthy work environment and reduces mortality from all-causes

·         Assists to involve care community (eg. work colleagues) in supporting patient

Office - Future Models of Care 13-2-17

The SOLID INFINITY SYSTEM is a risk appropriate form of construction and development practice improvement. One panel in your office space will meet occupational health and safety requirements and address the sedentary behaviour epidemic.


Sedentary Behaviour             

With the development of more advanced technology, modern life has become less active and more sedentary. We know a great deal about moderate to vigorous physical activity and the beneficial effects it has on health. Now the focus is being shifted to activities on the lower part of the intensity spectrum, specifically, the sedentary and the light activity. Too much sitting may be harmful to health, regardless of whether or not you meet physical activity guidelines.

Prolonged sitting linked with higher risk of:

•  Mortality from all-causes

•  Being overweight or obese, gaining weight

•  Metabolic syndrome

•  Type 2 diabetes

•  Heart disease

•  Some types of cancer

Sitting time is an emerging health risk and many working adults spend large amounts of time sitting each day. Over 40% of male and female full time workers reported that their job involves mostly sitting. What we do know is that it is beneficial to try and break up your sitting, preferably every 20 minutes.


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