Container & Pod Fitouts

Portability & Adaptation

The SOLID INFINITY SYSTEM is sustainable, efficient and easily adaptable to a variety of rural and urban contexts as well as climate zones and topographies.

The SIS can be integrated into any landscape internally or externally and is the perfect adaptation for relocatable sites, classrooms, mining, prefabricated housing, container modification and the like.

SIS’s infinite options allow you to effortlessly transform shipping containers into fully equipped "Pop-Ups" and site specific modules that are lockable negating the need for security personnel services.

Container Fitout Cafe Bar

It responds economically to local contexts and all associated parameters and can be painted to camouflage or accentuate it's architectural appearance or environment.

Container Fitout Shop

The SOLID INFINITY SYSTEM has unique design capabilities, spatial implications and advantages and provides immediate resilience for all “brittle properties”.

The SOLID INFINITY SYSTEM is an appropriate solution for adoption as a NEW industry standard by addressing the overdue, necessary improvements and modernisation of the Building Code of Australia.