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New Building Solutions and Benefits

The SOLID INFINITY SYSTEM allows complete customisation that is instantaneous and effortless. It has universal benefits and cost saving solutions for Insurance Companies due to its waterproof structure and its capacity to cantilever extremely heavy objects up and away from potential hazards.

For example, if a cabinet sustained damage due to water or neglect, it provides removal and replacement of individual components, negating the need to replace the entire kitchen. Even after bench tops and tiling have been completed, SIS provides fast and effortless replacement by simply unscrewing the patented bracket fixtures from inside the damaged cabinet. Removal, reconfiguration or re-installation takes minutes, negating the need for any new surface re-penetration.

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As a portable prefabricated, flat-pack DIY System, simply screw SIS Strips or Panels onto walls, (which become invisible behind cabinetry.) Apply the SIS Building Brackets then drop and lock cabinets into position. Cabinets remain plumb, tight and square to walls, all within minutes; no more levelling of feet, continual wobbling or lack of alignment, unlike existing prefabricated kits.

This WORLD 1st innovation will suspend vanity units, entertainment furniture and equipment, filing cabinets, shelving and kitchen cabinets etc. SIS is ideal for medical & hospital and educational facilities, demountable & prefabricated housing, government, aged care and high rise building, office, retail and industrial applications.

The SOLID INFINITY SYSTEM is used and specified by leading architects, builders, designers and engineers.

The Insurance Council of Australia’s Senate submission states that Governments must now broaden their gaze in terms of extreme weather preparedness and address exposure and vulnerability in the built environment which actively requires it to be constructed in a way that makes it resilient to extreme weather, to reduce damage and economic loss to the community. 


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