Architectural Applications

SIS can be applied to structural columns in Retail Shopping Centres and Offices to enhance overall oxygenation and health benefits for customers and staff.

The SOLID INFINITY SYSTEM can be fabricated into geometrical shapes which can act as living sculptures and also be used as green hoarding which can incorporate LED advertising for a Return On Investment wherever structural or non-structural screening is required. SIS will assist in the beautification of cities providing "green re-planting" where new infrastructure requires the removal of trees.


Numerous ‘GREEN’ applications such as high rise apartment balcony dividers will increase the building's overall Greenstar Sustainability Rating, while transforming unusable structures into functional storage and outdoor entertainment areas.

Waterproof, Insulative, Acoustic and UV stable, SIS can also be applied to the exterior of any building or demountable structure to apply environmental applications such as: water-tanks, planter boxes and solar-panels etc. SIS can create an artificial ecosystem as well as provide a sense of permanency.

The Health Benefits of Plants have long been known to naturally absorb and filter air pollutants. More recently, a NASA study [ii] found that:

  • Plant leaves & root micro-organisms can remove these toxins from modern building air
  • Certain tropical species are more efficient than others
  • Extra oxygen released from plants helps keep people awake and alert

With SIS you can have hundreds of plant species matched to your environment creating safe, clean air in your building day and night.


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